Antica Grecia

The history is the discipline that deals with the study of the past through the use of documents, testimonies and stories that could transmit knowledge.

It is research into past events, the attempt of a continuous and systematic narrative of the same facts, as they considered vital to humans.
The term "history" has also the meaning of "literary tale" oral and written narration or imaginary events.

Ancient Greece
The Greek civilization was born around the end of the 2nd millennium BC, when south-eastern Europe and the Close East were being upset by huge migratory movements

Political Comedy
Together with tragedy, comedy is the main cultural heritage which Athens left to history

Ancient eastern Semitic people of Assyria

Charlemagne and the Sacred Roman
Empire Strongly catholic, in some kingdoms he was venerated like a saint.

A singular labyrinth According to archaeologist Evans, who discovered it, it was the royal palace, but...

With a snake body, bat wings, eagle claws and lion teeth, dragons flied across the skies of myths and legends scaring the inhabitants of towns and villages with their fierceness.

Ilos: the deportees of Diego Garcia
In the middle of the Indian Ocean, between Africa and Asia, Britain wrote one of the most shameful pages of its history

Holy Grail
Only the pure persons could touch it and receive from it earthly and eternal happiness.

Born to fight heretics applying spiritual punishments only, it ended up inflicting tortures and condemning to the stake just on the basis of vague suspicions

Middle Ages
In the Middle Ages the life of a woman could be really hard
In the Middle Ages the workforce was mostly made up of female slaves, servants and free women who, unable to find better employment possibilities, would go working at well-to-do familiesMiddle Ages and

Middle Ages and Hell
To understand the medieval mentality it is first of all necessary to understand the hereafter, and in the Middle Ages the hereafter was mainly occupied by Hell

The movement of the Apostolic Brothers of Gherardino Segalello and Friar Dolcino
Year 1300 is the year of Jubilee and of universal forgiveness, but not for everybody. Not for Gherardino Segalello, who is burnt on the stake in Parma Knights Templar The Rules of the Order .... despite all the blood spilled in the Holy Name of Christ …

Shaka Zulu
King of Zulu and a great strategist, he is remembered as the “African Napoleon”