Mythical plant that gave oblivion to who ate it, the Egyptian lotus or white lotus of Egypt (Nymphaca lotus) it was a sacred aquatic plant with big white or pinkish flowers that belonged to the Nelumbo and Nymphaea kind, it was common in the hot and temperate regions.

In the representations we see the act of smelling the flowers, of which the perfume is the one of spiritual essence, similar to the “scent of sanctity” of the christian doctrine.

The lotus is a recussent element in the Egyptian sumbolism Heru’s (Horus) four children are represented as they come out of a lotus flowers.

Even Nefertum, Ptah’s son, the Creative Fire, is born from this flower.
We often find this kind of flower in architecture, in the tomb paintings, or as a decoration an small objects.
In the scenes were the banquets in the tombs are represented the lotus buds are offered to the guests, who fastened them on the band that decorated their forehead.