(Apophis, Apop, Apep) Maybe it was the python that in the prehistoric epoch was present in the muddy areas of the Delta that gave the Egyptians the model for the snake Apofi.


Apep’s book, tells about the fights between the “ramponieri” who were Ra’s soldiers under Horo’s command against Apep and his fanatics.
After various battles that ended with the enemies pushed from the Delta to the Nubian border, Horo stabs, with a spear, the snake Apep, who in the other world represents the evil forces. In spite of this, Apep continues against Ra, in fact when Ra passes the nocturne homes where Apep reigns, he meets again the gigantic snake.
The XXIX chapter of the Book of the Dead gives a report of the battles of the divinities against Apep and it ends with the shout: “Truthfully, Ra has defeated Apep”.