Cosmetics in Ancient Egypt


The body care was very important for ancient Egyptians.
They used creams, ointments and perfumes to soften and perfume the skin. The women lightened their skin with a creamy mixture obtained by biacca , available in various colors, from the palest to the amber ones, usually used for the lips.
They outlined their eyes with black or green kohl, respectively extracted from the golena  or from the malachite.
The nails were painted and also the palms of hands and feet, and sometimes event the hair, with a mixture of henna.
They used mirrors, tweezers for depilation and utensils for manicure.
The perfumes (used as the cream by men and women), were extracted by flowers, that were macerated and pressed.
All the fragrant essences were protected by God Shesmu.

They were made in laboratories associated to the temples and kept in jars of vitreous paste, the “faience”.


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