Lunar God, considered Bastet’s son, his presence was known already in the Ancient Reign.

The most ancient representation comes from Pepi’s II funeral temple.
In the Middle Reign a temple was built in his honor in Karnak, his cult will spread during the New Reign.
His appearance is as a mummy, with the hands out of the shroud and that hold a scepter made by the Djed pilaster and the ank, symbol of life.
Portrayed with a youthful face, a braid at a side, his head is surmounted by the moon. His title is “Lord of Joy”, at his neck there is the “menat” the typical necklace of the goddess Hathor.

His name, which derives from the verb khns “to cross”, refers to his holy journey, a journey which also gives him the title of navigator.
When Amon’s cult spread in Tebe, Khons was considered his son.
In a late epoch he was also considered, in a popular way, as “the divinity who keeps away the evil spirits”.

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