At the left of the Nile, 11 km at south-west of the capital, from the Libyan Desert there is the complex of the three pyramids that go back to the IV dynasty (2700-2500 BC), made by Khufu’s, Chefren’s and Micerino’s three impressive funeral monuments.
Nearby there are, the famous Sphinx, some smaller pyramids (the queens’ tombs) and the functionaries’ various mastabe.

The pyramids in Giza were put in ancientness among the seven wonders of the world.
They are the classic models of this kind of constructions.
The “street of the Pyramids” that connects the square in Giza with the archaeological area, has been inaugurated in 1869 for the empress Eugenia’s visit and expanded in 1932 for Vittorio Emanuele’s II of Savoia, visit.

Giza and Orione

The mastabas of the Giza complex

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