Ancient Egypt: The astrology

Ancient Egypt has not known astrological themes, nor the prediction of the future according to the position of the stars on the birthday.
The zodiac, that’s at the base of the astrological systems, was introduced in a more recent epoch. Anyway, the Egyptians of the New Reign have still known a kind of horoscope. Papyrus have been found, that go back to this epoch, that have a kind of “calendar of good and bad days”.
The hours, the days and the months were put under protection of a certain divinity, that could intervene in men’s life.
Even the anniversaries of events regarding the gods’ lives were considered, according to the case, good or bad, it was useful to know their nature and behave consequently.
Regarding the birth, those born on the 9th of Poaphi would have reached old age but, those born on the 5th of the same month, would have been killed by a bull; who was born on the 6th, Ra’s celebration, was fated to die drunk, which was considered three times lucky; the baby born on the 21st of Thot would have died by the gods’ will, but the one born on the 20th would not survive. The one born on the 4th of Athyr, would have died violently; those born on the 20th would not survive a year. The 27th of Athyr, the day when the reconciliation between Horo and Seth was remembered, was considered thrre times lucky but the 26th of Thot was three times bad, because it was the anniversary of the fight between these two rival divinities: that day it was good to abstain from any initiative or work, while everything done on the 16th of Paophi, the day of Osiride’s and Abido’s celebration, would have been successful.



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