Ramesses II


A life halfway between reality and legend.
The most famous among the pharaohs at ancient Egypt, he was a powerful sovereign, a great warrior, an affectionate father and a tireless builder.
With these qualities Ramesses II who governed for sixty-seven years (from 1279 to 1213 BC) could not possibly not deserve the fame he has even today.
It is a testament to his legend and traits, that allows you to find people all across Egypt today and in years to come, who know the name of ramesses II.
Feared by his enemies, loved by the people (who under his reign lived in prosperity and well-being), protected by the gods, Ramesses has left an indelible mark in the history of humanity.
ramesses’s mystery begins with his birth-date. We only know that is was around 1290 BC, in Memphis.
His father, the pharaoh Sethi I, had taken as “Great Royal Bride” Tuya, the daughters of one of the most valorous generals of his army.
Tuya and Sethi I had four children two sons and two daughters. The first born died in tender age, clearing the way to the aseent to the throne by ramesses.
A school, the “pharaoh’s one”, that began in tender age: at ten years old he already was at the command of the army, at fourteen years old his father took him along in the battles, to be sure that he would become a skillfull and brave sovereign. ramesses didn’t take long to learn, specially on his two main aims: the military conquer and the building.
He was successful both as a conquer and as a builder to the point that there is no place in Egypt that doesn’t have a trace of his work.
When his father died ramesses was about 25 years old.
His family life was above the lines: two great royal brides, Nefertari and Isisnofret, on indefinite bumber of minor brides and concubines and at least one-hundred children. But ramesses had to chose his successor various times.
Not for “court trouble” but because he reached over 80 years of age (when the average life was about the hald) and many of his sons didn’t survive him.
His successor was Merenptah, the thirteenth of the list, who ascended to the throne at 60 years old. When ramesses died he had reached his aim: for the people he was a legend.

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