The armament, during the Ancient and the Middle Reign was rather poor: it had only stone clubs, arches, arrows and javelins with a flint or bronze point, daggers and bronze axes and a great shield of stretched skin in different shapes (rectangular, oval or round).
Later, in the New Reign, the military outfit had also arms known from the east by the hyskos: daggers, spears, a leather helmet, an armor in pressed linen. The great novelty of that period was the war cart with two wheels with rays, that came from the hyskos, but tha the Egyptian changed making it lighter and so faster, but still very steady. The box, only outlined, was made by round curved wood pieces that were united, at the bottom and at the sides, with a supporting surface of interlaced wood and wicker.
The wheels, also very light, were made of curved wood, maybe wrapped in leather, with four or six rays, and a little less than a meter high, with a bronze hub. A long shaft let the two horses be fastened, tied only at the chest and neck, leaving them a great freedom to move. On the cart there was an “auriga” ad a combatant with an arch, a spear and a shield.



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