Isiac table


In bronze. 75 cm high-
I century AC A buy by Savoia from the Gonzaga collection (around half ‘600) the Isiac Table is an altar table, an Egyptian product made by the Romans, inspired to the Egyptian religious traditions that were greatly diffused in the Roman Empire from the I century AC.
It’s probable that the original placing was in a temple dedicated to Isis (Iseo).
Discovered in Rome during the raid by the Lanzichenecchi (1527), the Isiaca Table came to the cardinal Pietro Bembo’s collection of antiques and at his death it passed to the Gonzaga collection.
The Isiac Table also called “ The Bembina Table”, from the name of its first owner (the cardinal Pietro Bembo), was the object of accurate researches fromt those who studied Egyptian monuments. The Jesuit Atanasio Kircher and Lorenzo Pignoria also tried to decipher the hieroglyphics.

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