The Egyptian astronomy remained clung, on the whole, on rudimentary notions.
Anyway the arrangement of the calendar involved the use of an appreciable observatory.
Astronomy was a religious science, so it was practiced by the priests, who, from the terraces on the temples, watched the night sky to be able to divide systematically the night in hours to have a way to determine the position of the Sun in its mystic night run. This study had lead the Egyptians to the location of various constellations and different stars: Orione, Cassiopea, Sirio, the Great Bear, the Swan. The stars were divided in two groups: the” Indestructible” (ikhemu-sek), circumpolar stars that were always visible, and the “Indefatigable” (ikemu-urz), that were the wandering planets in the sky.
Of these, in the New Reign, five were known: Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Mars (also called “re horo”) that prove an accurate observation.

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